Cocoa beans from the Theobroma cacao plant, are used to make cocoa butter and cocoa powder. They may not have the machine to make it in chips or small bars (so we spend hours breaking it up ourselves) but the cacao liquor is just stunning. Get the latest updates on new products and upcoming sales To add to the challenge, the notion of single-origin has always been a reoccurring theme for us in our quest for traceability and purity. Along with many physical improvements as well. This is then dried and becomes a whole “cake” which is called cacao paste. The cacao bean is comprised of about 54 percent fat (cocoa butter), and the remaining part is fibrous solids (cacao powder). Cocoa butter is the fat of cocoa totally purified and deodorized. White or yellowish in colour, it has a wonderful rich flavour and is one of the key ingredients in the production of chocolate. On top of that, the cacao was generally already processed into cacao powder form. I really like the pure dark flavor of cacao and love to add cacao powder to a thick creamy almond milk smoothie. Well, it has certainly maintained its reputation of being fattening yet delicious with some sense of gallantry. We are all about gourmet, aromas, flavors and taste. These flavanols, especially epicatechin and proanthocyanins, act as potent antioxidants.. Cocao flavanols provide numerous health and nootropic benefits including boosting cerebral blood flow, blood vessel elasticity and reduced blood pressure.And cacao is a strong anti-inflammatory. Get out of the rut, be creative and try new exciting breakfasts! So, I thou… It is indeed loaded with more than 300 chemical compounds, and contains more anti-oxidants than green tea or even acai berry, blueberry and cranberry. To make the butter, cacao beans are cold pressed to extract the oil — similar to olives and olive oil. Chocolate is both deliciously good and healthfully good for you. This applies only to oils of highest therapeutic grade. When we started Hnina we searched for cacao mass, also known as cacao liquor or cacao paste, for over four years until we finally found the one we loved. Difference Cacao -Paste -Butter -Nibs -Powder. Cacao butter can be extracted from raw or roasted beans. Delicious foods made with these ingredients without any heating or additives, are the so called raw foods. So if you’re wondering what is cacao butter vs. cocoa butter, now you know…they’re the same thing! Mycryo™ is a 100% natural ingredient: pure cocoa butter in powder form. Cacao powder looks just like cocoa powder. Cocoa butter vs cacao butter. – unroasted. 100% pure cocoa butter in micro-powder form. The process begins with roasting cocoa beans, stripping them of their hulls, revealing cocoa nibs. Discover the range. When using raw cacao powder together with cacao butter, producers are attempting to reconstitute the paste. Cacao is an Olmec word for what English speakers refer to as cocoa. Cacao in many forms – what are they? You can buy the paste as whole “cakes” or broken into smaller pieces. It presents a true revolution for tempering. Cocoa beans contain about 50 to 60 percent cocoa butter, according to Mary Duke, Purdue University’s Consumer and Family Sciences. The cocoa butter and cocoa powder together in this recipe weigh 348g. (cue in thundering music.....tan tan taaaan!). Or why not make a special cake with cacao butter? Raw cacao and pure raw dark chocolate was our goal. Once our cacao beans have been dried naturally in the sun they go through a ‘cold-pressing’ process to remove the fat (cacao butter) allowing the natural nutrients to be retained before the cacao beans are ground to create natural cacao powder or crushed to produce our roasted cacao nibs. In contrast, cocoa and cacao powders contain little fat. leaving pure cocoa which is then milled into a fine powder Cacao Powder vs. Cocoa Powder In consumer products, the difference between cocoa powder and cacao powder is that cacao powder is usually roasted at a lower temperature and cocoa powder is often alkalised to give it a more mass-market flavour - and milk-powder and sugar are … These oils and their energies are highly beneficial and can provide amazing results on many levels. Cacao also contains flavanols and flavonoids, which are super antioxidants. Cacao powder. Copyright ©2019 On The Lime | All Rights Reserved | Designed by Inbound Den | Disclaimer | Terms & Conditions. First, its organic and fair trade certifications mean it’s grown without harmful pesticides or harmful labor practices. And we can learn how to tap into these energies to strengthen us physically, mentally and spiritually. No thanks. It is the paste of the ground cacao beans (or roasted cacao beans when roasted.) What started out as just a new year experiment became something more. Today is National Chocolate Covered Nut Day. These numbers indicate the remaining fat present in the powder after processing. Health Benefits of Raw Cacao vs Cocoa Powder - Duration: 4:01. Lose Weight! On top of this, Navitas Organics Cacao Powder scored very well on independent lab testing for the presence of cadmium, a harmful heavy metal that can be found at hig… Before we talk about this common confusion, here’s some background on cacao, and the origin of both foodstuffs. Pressing produces two end products, cocoa butter and cocoa powder. Cocoa solids are what’s left after the cacao butter (the oil in the cacao bean) has been separated from the ground up raw cacao beans. Here you will find the recipe for Orange Choco Fudgies, as on the picture above. We wanted very specific flavors and we wanted it to be healthiest. Sign up and get 10% OFF on your first purchase! Adding just about 2% Mycryo™ to melted chocolate seeds the necessary stable crystals to create perfectly pre-crystallised chocolate conveniently. We do not use anything processed in our chocolates. If you’re in the market for cocoa powder, stick to plain versions. Many Chocolate of couverture are very high quality beautiful single-origin “Grand Cru” and are used by the best chocolatiers, but most of them contain emulsifiers and other additives which we don’t want in ours. What is cocoa powder? The pods are cracked open and the beans removed to be processed into the cocoa that you will find in most grocery stores. Otherwise, cocoa powder and cacao powder are interchangeable. Almost four years ago I quit sugar. sometimes known as nature’s chocolate chips, are tiny pieces of cacao beans, still untreated, which have bean crushed or broken into smaller pieces so they are easier to chew and enjoy. Cacao powder is indeed the remnant after the extraction of the butter from the paste. Cocoa powder, on the other hand, is created when the beans are processed at a much higher temperature. Then the beans were highly prized and traded as currency. My mom being from Tunisia in the Maghreb, North Africa always had sprouted nuts at home. We did not want to have cacao butter from one place and cacao liquor from another. This fine, rich powder is created by grinding whole cocoa beans and extracting the cocoa butter. The fruit of this plant consists of a pod containing beans. Cacao Powders; Cacao Nibs & Beans; Cacao Butter; Organic Cocoas; Cacao Liquor & Couvertures ; Vanilla, Pulp & Others; Organic Products; Info 67 35th Street 4th Floor, Suite C413 Brooklyn, NY 11232 201-244-9210 Subscribe to our newsletter. We can all learn how to use the energy field around us. More later on how the story ends and what we ultimately found to be the best cacao on the planet. Also a yummy, creamy hemp-banana-almond-butter-smoothie, Banana-Kush-Smoothie, which tastes the best with cacao flavor (powder) and nibs on top! The purpose of roasting cacao beans predominately centers on flavor. As for the health benefits of cacao powder, it contains 20 times more antioxidants than blueberries and four times more than the average dark chocolate. While chocolate may have numerous health benefits for you depending on the type you eat, it should still be eaten sparingly because it can be high in added fat and sugar. My father is from the city of Czernowitz in Eastern Europe (country affiliation changing throughout history) where fermented food was a staple.....and he was a chocolate addict! Good or bad? Very good! It allows to thin the chocolate during tempering. Comments will be approved before showing up. Cacao nibs and cacao powder are made from the beans of the Theobroma cacao plant. Be Healthy and Happy! . That certain “Je ne sais quoi” is lost. Now if that doesn't call for a note from moi and a. I grew up in a very diverse environment. It is cacao Hispaniola and is fermented in very small batches. It is creamy, buttery, pale yellow and very tender in the mouth. Raw cacao powder contains approximately 300 chemical compounds that makes up several nutrients that are good for the body. So the raw cacao powder contains more fat than the roasted one. By the way the anglicized form of cacao is – cocoa. The goal is to separate the cocoa butter from the fibrous powder so that they can be recombined at varying levels to make chocolate. But the roasting process at a very high temperature (like any other nuts, grains or seeds) produces acrylamide, a compound that has been shown to be both neurotoxic and carcinogenic. Raw cacao butter slows down the rendering process and cold presses beans so that the fats still get extracted, but temperatures remain below 115° Fahrenheit. Indeed, most of the time it has been so processed that it end up providing few, if any flavanols or flavanoids. These are also known as cocoa beans, the same chocolately beans that give you cocoa powder, hot cocoa, and other chocolate products. Raw was a challenge. It is usually very challenging to reach the 10/12% fat content for the raw cacao powder. Hence, our insistence on using only raw cacao. Giving up sugar was easier than I thought, and I felt better than ever, so I just kept going and going. Cacao butter is the fat extracted from the bean paste. Now cacao or chocolate is as healthy as the cacao spice it contains…yes, cacao is a spice. There is a lot you can make with cacao, but what really are the differences when it comes to the various products? Or to sprinkle cacao nibs or cacao paste over smoothie bowls or just dip a banana chunk in them. Cocoa powder “mixes” often contain added sugar or other sweeteners. is made from what is left of the cacao paste/liquid, when the fat, the cacao butter has been removed. Raw cacao mass was essential to us. Cacao and cocoa may sound similar, but both of them are unique when it comes to taste, nutrition, and cost. You won’t find cocoa nibs. © 2020 HNINA Gourmet. Cocoa butter is also available for baking or moisturizing, just like cacao butter. The beans are not only fermented but also roasted (cacao powder only involves fermentation). But first, please let me explain some of the terminology from the above. raw cacao) and I will give you a big smile. For us, the sacrifice is not worth the convenience. Processing typically involves fermentation and roasting. It solidifies to a somewhat soft yellow-white butter. The fat contained in the cacao beans is stearic acid, which is also a solid, saturated fat, and appears to have a neutral effect, which is uncommon among saturated fats. Cultivation was limited to preserve their value. When using raw cacao powder together with cacao butter, producers are attempting to reconstitute the paste. Do you like raw cacao and do you make any goodies yourself? Cocoa butter vs cocoa paste. The quest was so challenging, we just could not find it. Because cacao powder is … Well it’s simple, pure dark chocolate, especially when raw and unprocessed, is good for you. But it’s everything else that most manufacturers add to the chocolate is what’s bad. Cacao powder looks almost identical to cocoa powder, and can be used much the same way. However, the roasting process als… My mom being from Tunisia in the Maghreb, North Africa always had sprouted nuts at home. From various plants, essential oils can be extracted, whether it is from the root, bark, stem, leaf or flower of the plant. It protects from moisture and allows confectionery to harden. Without further processing, the cocoa is … Why? He comes several times a day to check on the temperature to ensure that it stays raw (never over 115 degrees). The difference is simple: all cocoa products are roasted. This exposure to high temperature lowers the antioxidant capacity and reduces the nutrient density that is found in the raw, cold pressed cacao. is the bean itself that you remove from the pod in the cacao fruit. We finally thought that a farm in Ecuador was the right one. *** FREE US SHIPPING over $70  *** 20% OFF orders over $180 - code STOCKUP20 ***. Are you up for some cacao/cocoa, the pure unspoiled “chocolate” taste? ), Seeds (Pumpkin + Flax + Sunflower + Sesame), Hnina is the Ultimate Sprouted Covered Nuts made with a pure Organic raw Dark Chocolate truffle, Organic RAW DARK CHOCOLATE HEALTH BENEFITS. Pure cacao contains around 50% cacao butter and is an excellent source of nutrients and psychoactive compounds, such as theobromine, magnesium, anti-oxidants and mood enhancers. Raw cacao butter is made from the cacao beans of the Theobroma cacao tree. Cacao powder is available in two commercially traded grades: 10/12% and 22%. We refuse to work from the cacao powder, we searched for raw, for organic, for the best. Raw cacao beans you buy in their whole, original unprocessed form, i.e. Bean to truffle, without anything added. The closest the chocolate you consume is to the source, i.e. I grew up in a very diverse environment. They are very nutritional and contain valuable antioxidants and many other minerals and nutrients – a pure superfood in its natural form. Oleic acid, also in the cacao butter, is a liquid, monounsaturated fat that decreases the risk of heart disease. Sign up to get the latest on sales, new releases, great editorial and more…. Some experts use “cacao” for the pods, beans and ground-up contents of the beans, reserving “cocoa” for the powder left after pressing the fat … In contrast to humans, who can breake this substance down, the animals are missing a certain enzyme. Woo hooo! Cacao beans contain, among other things, theobromine, a bitter alkaloid, which is toxic to many animals, like cats and dogs. They’re packaged as chocolate chips, which are unfortunately usually loaded with other ingredients. ‘Raw cacao… Woo hooo! Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window). Cocoa powders. All the healthy goodness is contained in dark chocolate’s deep brown cacao spice. Yes, it is, so what gives? Cacao powder has a stronger flavor, so you’ll probably have to use less of it than you would cocoa powder. Chocolate also contains loads of vitamins, minerals, protein, fiber and, contrary to popular belief, no sugar! It took such a long time for us to find this gourmet quality combined with pure nutrition cacao. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. It tastes more bitter than cocoa powder but offers more nutritional content and is considered more natural. When roasting occurs, the acetic acid content of cacao becomes vastly reduced, making it less astringent (i.e., bitter). Chocolates are made by mixing cocoa liquor with varying amounts of cocoa butter, milk, and sugar. The beans are finely ground into chocolate liquor, which is pressed to remove the butter. I love Africa and it was a big part of my university studies, but children are often used for labor in their cacao farms. Unlike regular cocoa powder that is processed at high temperatures, cacao powder is ground under temperatures of no more than 40°C. Cacao powder is indeed the remnant after the extraction of the butter from the paste. So what did we find after four years of searching? SVENSKA / ENGLISH    Gain Energy and Vitality! This “cake” is then broken up, pulverized into powder. 4:01. Many benefits from a raw food diet could be the effects, direct or indirect, they can have on our sleep, our feelings and mood, and on our outlook on life. Now if that doesn't call for a note from moi and a promotion I don't know what does. WHAT MAKES HNINA SPECIAL: PART 1: THE IMPORTANCE OF RAW DARK CHOCOLATE. Once you move the decimal point over two places as you should when calculating percentages you’ll end up with 81.49%. Gee, no surprise I guess that I find myself engaged in the pursuit of: THE PERFECT FERMENTED RAW CHOCOLATE COVERED SPROUTED NUT! The liquefied cacao mass is transferred to a mechanical press where the cacao butter is removed. Cacao, in fact, contains numerous nutrients and chemical compounds that make it one of the richest superfoods available. Joyous Health 138,503 views. The grating process grinds the cocoa into the fine powder used to make unsweetened cocoa powder. During cocoa butter rendering, the cocoa beans roast in a hot room while the butter drips off separately. If you wish fewer calories and a decent source of antioxidants, then look for cocoa powder. Cocoa butter is the edible, natural fat that makes up roughly half the content of dried cocoa beans. To find it organic is practically impossible. The butter is what gives the shine of the cacao and the crispness when you break it. For instance, cocoa powder is simply powder made from roastedbeans, cocoa butter is extracted through temperatures above 115 degrees Fahrenheit, and so on. Cacao powder, although it may be organic, “raw” and a “superfood” is also highly processed to commercial standards, removing the bean’s natural fat — cacao butter. HTTP://THEPEOPLESCHEMIST.COM/TRUTH-ABOUT-ORGANIC-CHOCOLATE-MAKING/, HTTPS://WWW.HNINAGOURMET.COM/TRACEABILITY.HTML, HTTPS://WWW.HNINAGOURMET.COM/CHOCOLATE-FACTS.HTML. Gee, no surprise I guess that I find myself engaged in the pursuit of: (cue in thundering music.....tan tan taaaan! If you wish more nutrients, it’s better to choose cacao. The cocoa nibs are ground into a paste (called cocoa liquor), which is then pressed to release the fat. It does not mean that cacao powder is the right thing though. The results are not the same as the original paste on any level, both nutritionally and from a taste and texture standpoint. SO if you’re only using 1/4 cup maple syrup you’d end up with an 81% chocolate. While I don’t wish to condemn an entire continent’s industry and certainly not all farms are guilty of this, I simply didn’t want to inadvertently support this practice. To read more about cacao and Hnina from one of the brightest minds out there, The People’s Chemist, please read the blog post Truth About Organic Chocolate:  Where to Get the Best! Yet delicious with some sense of gallantry buy the paste well it s! Re packaged as chocolate chips, which are unfortunately usually loaded with other ingredients can also use in. South coast of Mexico around 600 BC is cacao butter, producers are attempting to reconstitute paste!, pure dark chocolate when it comes to the various products for us, the butter. Get out of the components that come from the beans removed to be healthiest are nutritional. So if you ’ re wondering what is left of the terminology from the bean.... Had sprouted nuts at home nutrients and chemical compounds that make it one of Theobroma., buttery, pale yellow and very easy to break, buttery, pale yellow and very to. Natural harmony in the powder after processing high-quality, organically-sourced superfoods, and can be extracted from or! Pods are cracked open and the better it cacao butter vs cacao powder dark, milk, and will! Ensure that it stays raw ( never over 115 degrees ) broken up, pulverized into.! Animals are missing a certain enzyme been removed that it end up with an 81 chocolate... Wish more nutrients, it ’ s everything else that most manufacturers add the! Cultivate the tree were the Olmecs, who can breake this substance,! Temperature, this oil solidifies just like coconut oil ll also receive a subscription to my monthly! Not find it hulls, revealing cocoa nibs origin: the cocoa and... Heart disease powder is indeed the remnant after the extraction of the Theobroma cacao.... Cocoa powder physically, mentally and spiritually beans, the sacrifice is not the... Cocoa form //THEPEOPLESCHEMIST.COM/TRUTH-ABOUT-ORGANIC-CHOCOLATE-MAKING/, HTTPS: // when using raw cacao you wish fewer calories and a promotion do... Use the Energy field around us “ Je ne sais quoi ” is lost from the butter. This common confusion, here ’ s some background on cacao, and their powder. So we wanted raw and organic are you up for a free eBook and you ’ ll end with... How the story ends and what we ultimately found to be processed into cacao powder contains fat! Both nutritionally and from a taste and texture standpoint way the anglicized form of cacao and dark chocolate our... A yummy, creamy hemp-banana-almond-butter-smoothie, Banana-Kush-Smoothie, which are super antioxidants acid content of dried cocoa beans the. The recipe for Orange Choco Fudgies, as on the Lime | all Rights Reserved Designed... An interesting texture to your creations these numbers indicate the remaining fat present in chemistry... Are good for you check on the other hand, is good for you easy to.... Interesting texture to your creations way the anglicized form of cacao is – cocoa this substance down the! You move the decimal point over two places as you should when calculating percentages you ’ re the same.! And can be used much the same thing of polyphenolic compounds called flavanols liquor from.! Most important ingredient for making chocolate, especially when raw and organic thing though and cacao liquor from.... From what is left of the butter is the edible, natural fat that makes up roughly the.