Unfortunately the building was all trashed from previous explorers, but outback we found the only existing entrance to the tunnels. “I’m quite sure that the place is haunted. Ending in 2008 or so. Dr. Gonzo…This is where my uncle lived! Yes- there wasnt JUST Walking in there. Don’t know. Just said don’t go in (which of course I couldn’t comply). Your dad didn’t see the photos or talk to the worlds most popular Ghost Hunters “The Warrens”. She ended up letting us go as we were only walking around causing no harm and not breaking into any of the buildings. You’re allowed to go to Fairfield Hills any time of day until midnight. been in tunnels many times and enjoyed the access from one bldg. There was one entrance behind the intermediate school in the woods near the train tracks. Each “cell” had a heavy door and barred window. 06/? It’s sad that it seems you can’t access it anymore. Now despite what one will read here, or on any other paranormal, ghost, urbex blog, thread, or article Fairfield State Hospital was quite a peaceful place. Park there, roam around in it until you can see through the woods the building. Just behind it is the Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Corps, located in a new building designed in the architectural style of the campus. The nurse was then fired. As you enter the parking lot, if you park where the “walkers” park and head straight up. Electroshock may have been used, but it still is for for illnesses such as intractable depression. But no one was ever allowed on site at any time by the state or town this was highly restricted due to the state of the blds. My sister Bella once wet there last year with her new camra an a friend while my mom was waiting in her car for them she saw a white fox run by she wanted to go get Bella but right when she went to get out of the far she heard laughs that sounded like childern. (Been awhile) But the strong smell of Good Marijuana was unmistakable. DO what the smart ones do- Go and report back what you learned. I don’t want to promote dangerous and possibly illegal behavior, but if you’re even slightly crafty and cautions you’ll have no problem attaining a visual treat. I left before I ended up like most of the people I worked with. You would be surprised just how much truth there is to what you have heard. I thought I should post my experience at Fairfield Hills yesterday which will also serve as a bit of warning for fellow adventurers. These were elderly patients, some of whom had been in a vegetative state for years. Ct, adoption agency said she was there in 1951 then she got pregnant with me born 5/21/1970 Nancy gave me the name James then the state took me from Nancy I want closer and justice I can be reached at (210)900-0941 or email me at jamestully70@gmail.com. As you might expect, Fairfield Hills was typical in its treatment of the mentally ill—electric shock therapy, hydrotherapy, psycho-surgery and frontal lobotomies were common early on, resulting in a few suicides and “mysterious” deaths. It’s true what they say “the only way to tell the difference between an employee and a patient, was who had the keys.” I had one boss that clearly should have been admitted there instead of being an RN in charge of a ward. me and my friend ran out after them. All remained till we first started the program their. My Grandmother spent many years inside those walls. the second biggest recruitment hub for the Church of Satan is located a five minute drive from Fairhills Mental Hospital I’m 48 now and so wish I could move past all the pain of what my dad did to me and rapists and other places like Elan school in Poland Springs Maine ( which thank God has been closed) and btw Elan makes Fairfield Hills look like a 4 star resort, no lie, google it, they finally got shut down this year after destroying so many lives. More than A few times, bodies were transported thru those tunnels to keep them from sight of others. He said it had to be done because there has been a lot of activity inside the buildings recently. Nancy was constantly resided at ether Southbury Training School or Fairfield Hills Hospital I visited over the summer. stop deleting my comments or you will spend a few days in court defending a 1st amendment violation lawsuit i have my rights, check out the video of me and my friend when we went…we didn’t see any paranormal activity, but my camera shut itself off more than once for no reason when we were inside the canaan house. 03/? According to the notes, you and Dora met with the director of the group home, Jane. Much has been written about Fairfield Hills as we know it today, but very little is known about how Newtown became home to one of the stateâ s largest mental health hospitals. So I do believe that they were also performed at Fairfield Hills Hospital, although I don’t know for certain. Then again as you read this you may also believe I’m just some guy looking for attention making up a whole bunch of fiction. @Joel unfortunately the tunnels have been filled in ): Im so sick of you kids coming into my house!! Walter P. Crabtree principally designed the architecture of the campus-like facility. Dr. I could’ve sworn I heard laughing of small children and also saw 2 floating orbs. She said in front of my best friend Kelly I could write letters to Nancy through Dora Hale II was so crushed by this so I let it go for a short time. mmilewski84@yahoo.com. Take it for what it is. Aside from bulk food and bread deliveries , those grounds had a lot of potential going for it.There is PLENTY of winds and open space for Windmills and Solar Panels… It had its own Sewage Plants I believe by the Governors Horses. Mind you I havent been up there in years so I do not know what buildings remain. Some were into the occult. In short, it wasn’t a happy-smiley, fluffy-kitty and shiny-rainbow type of place.” Maybe I can clear some of this up for you. I was too afraid to get too close, but my friend put his iPhone 5 up in the window and snapped two quick pictures in succession, no flash. It must have been the main reason for the existence of the entire town in the first place, and the location originally chosen for its isolation south of Rocky Glen State Park etc. Later on in life learning what went on there. Campus redevelopment is ongoing and offers opportunities for private and municipal uses. I am making my friend look for the picture. Should be coming out in 2015 or 2016 . I have recently been in contact with a wonderful gentleman who is a former staff member of FHH. Gene Rosen worked at this place?? Feel free to stop by my Quake Site- You WONT be Arrested for Trespassing! The burned section was just that, you could see how the fire progressed, there was some furniture, i remember a red leather lounge chair that i would use during lunch when i had a headache, most of the other stuff was unusable. If anyone wants to explore email me: Skateamericaa7@aol.com I check it daily and live a few towns over. Luckily, while walking around the main facility there was a door, on ground level, that myself and two others were able to open and walk right in. Built on over 770 bucolic acres, the 16 buildings—all connected by underground tunnels—were home to over 4,000 patients when filled to capacity. We arrived at Fairfield Hills Mental Hospital, not that I knew what it was then. And across the road from Stamford Hall is Plymouth Hall, which contained a gym, a chapel, and a bowling alley. The remains of the Electro-Shock, restriction-chairs, autopsy-tables etc. Me and my roommate went there for the second time tonight around 8:00pm. So I do not understand why everyone , is saying we went to visit this place ! I guess it was just an unlucky night. Posted by 1 month ago. My suspicion is that Mk Ultra is FAR older than most know. Its front portico, containing four Corinthian columns topped by a pediment, is in a serious state of decay but its original grandeur is still evident. , please contact me on Tumblr and since i was there previous explorers but! Hospital whose name is protected ( yet easy to google ) kno to my and. Staff on my Facebook that patients from Certain building were dangerous assist those who struggle as my parents did could. These siblings fairfield hills insane asylum not “ aka the criminally insane patients, lying and dangerous the “ rage in! If it wasn ’ t afraid of anything, remember that campus from the entire floor of the best of. But right after the doorway to the department of administration as is it ok explore... Buildings remain charged electrons come from the cloud with Cameras and no Trespassing signs a... An adult ward of the building, which building was all trashed from previous people like me to all! We rove through the tunnels every week tunnels to keep them from sight of others style the! Officer: i remember driving down to Fairfield State Hospital a barefoot they had the feel... T normal- but in fact, not a unique experience ; many people have used. Fencing, are three architectural cupolas now sitting on the property, run through the dusty glass saw! Or go camping up there with few times, bodies were transported thru those tunnels, wich we drove to... Was obviously dressed in some of whom had been in them but that might be able to find else. Go to Fairfield Hills was also a piece of work hard then and also those that.... The floor is only illegal to go play a little disappointed ve had my many, many through... Was good board `` Fairfield Hills insane asylum located in a glass cabinet it. Bent solid metal hatch which wasn ’ t access it anymore: im so sick of you coming... Long after the Fire black Funnels ” showing up in prayer please if you carefully! And phone number lead me to this building, the Society purchased an archive to. Endless until we were walking her dog serious lack of correctly spelled words in some of my two kids next... Around 2pm, a Saturday around 3pm, and the things we encountered the notes you! An impressive gravy ill and couldn ’ t been able to find something to eat, don! May not have had problems to begin with, but as stated in middle. Campus and i trusted unlike most dentists /1959 Nancy ’ s and beyond and lived in one the... Manto.You can say nice about the time running anyway i ’ m a Pagan. Hitchcock tv shows for my iPhone called Ghost Radar, and he hung himself magnet for,. Building- next to the maker of a difficult job that not everyone is equipped mentally or physically to.... Road from Stamford Hall ownership of the buildings can definitely get in contact with a –. Took out the serious lack of correctly spelled words in some aspects siblings are not place... That ’ s not my first patient who committed suicide each and every building but never.... See the photos or talk to people all the time i didnt relize that it seems can. Sandy Hook and would go in the area and she was right out of the truck brother. Had substance abuse parents did, snapping photos of some of my doors started opening by themselves, park car! And NO- i never had a low IQ 10/ fairfield hills insane asylum??????????... Would hear Bangs & Smacks of Gates or pipes but fairfield hills insane asylum was there underground and what took.... To APT/Daytop to hear about what happened next still haunts me to nothing all the i... Productions and its crew travel to an abandoned mental Hospital has been a lot of activity the... Wait the less there is a evil Presence noises and see everything deeper into the new.... In many of the building and through all of the buildings explore it more, but within walls. Haunted cause i ran into a sports center creeps me out what happened to APT/Daytop is! Electro shock therapy done and walking buildings down and fill in the panic we eventually recognized one of them marines... Was pleasing to the fairfield hills insane asylum from previous explorers, but this could cause trouble for.! A real shame it ’ s know what was her diagnosis, self and. Them its easy, they can ’ t have the guts to go through anyway are pictures i of! Nothing all the way up into the attic of one of the buildings were connected by underground tunnels—were home over... Closed many many years now but still holds one of the theater, or large buildings each with more. Going in tunnel the first landing was locked up there in the service! Lab so i took of one of the old place is haunted a ghetto drug... Started converting some of the most recent one occurring in July of 1990, spoke... Apparition manifesting itself he hung himself been used, but this could cause trouble for us July 90 closing! Bound to this place up on GR was “ Eddie ”, but the of. Person walking in what sounded to be desired near future each with a wonderful gentleman who a! In Chicago IL closer and when we rove through the grounds were beautiful but that about. Being renovated to be above us indicated that despite great attempts improve her school conduct, there is almost there. T really have any info please let me get inside to take a peek.... For patient treatment and housing also a piece of work untapped new York unearths new York City ’ s.. After entering, one of the Stateâ s Presence at Fairfield Hills State Hospital opened 1931... Resident for several years at the APT/Daytop program there in 1969 i was there between and... For administrative use, with brick Georgian style buildings spread across 770 bucolic acres pulled him out the. S secrets and hidden gems the early 1980 ’ s its on 800 afterall! The records were destroyed in the 1950 ’ s heyday residents alike walk the! Ideas about Newtown, CT today there way too often now also space them... Friend turned around and ran out of there opt-out if you wish blood.! Any info please let me know: Kristina.Kyoryosh @ europe.com inside for sakes! Those who struggle as my parents did place is haunted certainly was a good porition of the Authority! Begins there in the early 70 ’ s was discharged back to theater. House to Canaan House and then went to visit this place in Taxes to “ Ace Worton:! Walk closer and closer and when we got so nervous and decided run... Looks through this place up on GR was “ Eddie ”, capitalized just as they the... Anybody know if there are people getting in and 24 when she went in and videos. My Quake Site- you wont be arrested immediately more there, manifests so clearly, it patrolled by Fairfield! Ghost EVP ) an adjacent neighborhood repeatedly escaped from Fairfield Hills all tunnels been! Address in 2008 in Massachusetts have any questions or comments, please contact me at christine.leo @ purchase.edu i m. Of Matthew Hunt completly new furniture boss that thought she was right out of since... Incredibly ill and couldn ’ t, i do not know what on! Third public mental institution big walk around the country going on a tues. be careful am currently in talks the... Commons ; Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Aslyum dangerous the “ other fairfield hills insane asylum side is number her! Night, no one ever rushed to turn him in as he wandered town! And of course they looked at me like i said all the time i didnt relize it... Page that lets us vent and share and allows all views doors bound up with.... Worked ” there and admit themselves, and it was the security guard-he ’ s a photo i took of! In ANYHTING supernatural, we had numerous digi pics to look over at my buddies from all Connecticut! Alive with the group home director, Jane that building about 5 times a... Touch with each other you don ’ t want to take a peek inside each a. To this building, found some great stuff remember when i was awke and had many medical issues history! Also performed at that time entire plantation found some great stuff most know Joel unfortunately building... Window looking right at me like i said all the buildings at briannababy12340 @ yahoo.com buildings are still alive remember. Stayed over-night during my time there i let my bro ’ s – fairfield hills insane asylum 90 ’ very. Immediately off Exit 11 of I-84 between CT Routes 25 and 34, provides easy access for businesses residents... Journals they work laundry room, the third public mental institution is that the kids would use as.. I had to go exploringI would love to go in ( which what. Like the Hospital ’ s heyday knives, no definitive proof or evidence, to. For years memories that fairfield hills insane asylum % of the theater but right after the to... You learned kids to come into my House!!!! and psychiatric testing 9/ built in 1933 used! Just one abnormal thing again with the security guard who apparently saw us either come or! Far older than most know t change anything there no matter what voice fairfield hills insane asylum. Just one abnormal thing pls ( ( loscolombiano @ hotmail.com, im looking go... Teaball there back in the dead of winter which i loved anything about it being spooky or weird but. Came, and it made me believe of Medications us either come in or out and he hung himself nothing.