I started to learn the stories behind the products and the people that used them. "We send materials and zippers and different kinds of fabric that we give away to [First Nation] communities," says Reiss. The Expedition Parka, designed for Antarctic scientists, is 625 fill power duck down because the weight of its three fabrics would be too much for a higher fill. Create a commenting name to join the debate, There are no Independent Premium comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts, There are no comments yet - be the first to add your thoughts. It's sort of a tricky situation to choose the proper size since the XS is made for a 35" chest, whereas the S is made for a 38" chest. Would you be able to tell me if the arm area (as well as the chest area) of an XS is much smaller than that of a Medium or slightly smaller? I'm leaning towards the small, but I don't want it to be too snug.. however, because I am so short I don't want the medium to be huge and puffy! In the end, even it was a little more expensive, I picked the CG over the NF because it felt more snug (arms, chest, waist), the hood was removable and i could get it in green. If it is the Chilliwack, then it is essentially the same as The North Face, just slightly larger. I am thinking that she needs a medium, but I really have no idea. I will admit that I do not know the Yupik, but if it's anything like the Arktis, you should be fine. The comparison between The North Face vs Canada Goose jackets in general can be explored more in depth here. Although it was not the answer you wanted to hear, I hope I answered your question. Like any smart modern marketer, he knows it makes good sense to show corporate responsibility. I'm 176 cm, (5.7" i think), weight 64kg(143ibs) and measures 87cm(34inch) around the chest. As for which size you should take... it's hard to tell with this information. I don't plan on a large quantity of layers or super heavy sweaters, but light-to-medium weight ones, definitely. Also do these come up big or small. Thanks for your time! im 5'3 and about 9stone normal build. thanks. As The North Face’s longest coat option, this breathable, waterproof and windproof parka is an excellent winter staple that lowkey tramples anything from Canada Goose into the dust. I would argue then that it depends on what she plans on wearing underneath. Students at Inuujaq School in Arctic Bay will be bundled up and warm this winter thanks to a donation of winter gear from Canada Goose and actor Ryan Reynolds. I think there are many factors that are in play when we make a purchasing decision, and I can't claim to know them all! But if you think there is some play in the chest, then perhaps you'll be better off with a medium. There are financing programmes for Canada Goose jackets.". I am 5"7 ft and 150 lbs and I measure 34 inches around the chest. I've been thiking on pre-order, but don't know which size I need. I am about 5'11, 130 lbs (tall and skinny), and generally dont prefer the TOO tight look. Canada Goose was so clearly a product for more austere, distant climes that it didn't even have a retail outlet in its hometown. Hi. Apart from their logos, these two coats are very similar in style. $1,600 for a jacket. I want to get either a Chilliwack or the new Montebello. However, it’s unlikely you’ll wear these coats when it’s warm enough to rain. Discover high quality jackets, parkas and accessories designed for women, men and kids. Thanks in advance, Wanted to buy a canada goose manitoba. The Gotham’s collar zips up high and still leaves room for the chin. Can anyone advise what size i should be buying as im getting really confused. Vous devez absolument y aller avec le xs. Considering what you have told me, I would go for Small in the Montebello. Canada Goose manufactures entirely in Canada, where we have adequate labor laws, and sources the down and fur in Canada as well, where we have animal welfare laws. It is also a bit longer than the Gotham. hi juan, im looking to buy an XS chilliwack and i was wondering whether this would be the right choice. good luck. Hi! im hoping to buy a ladies chilliwack parka. Absolutely, the waterproofing of a parka is the first consideration in my purchase. The badge was designed by Reiss's father David in the early 1980s. Why is Canada Goose So Expensive? Is this true? Both jackets are very well insulated. What does this mean? They produced vests suitable for the Canadian climate. I wear a size 37 suit jacket. Hello Chewy, If small was a good size with the Kensington, I would recommend you get that with the Trillium. Thanks! Hi Matt, Sizes run larger than they sould. Furthermore, unfortunately, I was not able to get the measurements of the XXL. Since the Chilliwack is warm to begin with, she won't need to wear heavy shirts, so I would go for the Small. The Chilliwack Bomber for Women benefits from an Arctic Tech shell treated with a Durable Water Repellent finish. i dont want it to be too long in the sleeves. Hello Jack, Well that really depends on how you're feeling with the large. "People make investments up there and they keep our stuff for years. so i might spend a bit more money on a men's chilliwack, I'm 5'7, around 155-160lbs, what size do you recommend? The lightweight 10-denier Hybridge range, which weighs less than half a pound and can be easily packed away, is popular with city commuters and contains the coveted 800 fill power Hutterite white goose down. Designed as an extension of your hood, the Hood Trim provides additional warmth, performance, and versatility crafted in our heritage Arctic Tech fabric. In terms of how snug or loose, then my wife wife surprised me by buying me one online. it also keeps you much warmer this way. Please continue to respect all commenters and create constructive debates. Any advice as to what size I should buy would be greatly appreciated. Hope you will answer my many questions , thanks ! Thanks. I don't mind if the sleeves are short (unless I can still see my wrist even after wearing gloves). Thank you. "It's a collection we have focused only on contemporary fashion stores. I am 5''2, 130 pounds. But considering what you told me, I would go for the XS. ;D .. actually I was wondering which canada goose jacket style , is the most slimfitted ? In any case, a Large will probably go great. I´m afraid that size small is small from the chest and medium is too big generally. Insulation type: 625 Fill Power White Duck Down. His first proper job at the family firm was to make sales calls to the multiplicity of small north Canadian airlines whose workers were among Canada Goose's most loyal customers. As for the Trillium, it has a looser fit, so XS is probably what you'll want if you prefer a slim fit. Up on the slopes at Val d'Isère or Verbier, they probably don't spend an awful lot of time dwelling on the humble circumstances of the Hutterites, living in their colonies on the exposed prairies of western Canada. Wearing a fake coat on a mountain, "you could get hypothermia". Temperature rating:-30°C & Below (Field-tested at -49°C) Cost (CAD): $1095 CAD ($650 in 2010) Special notes: Fur trim, long wool cuffs prevent drafts, plastic zipper insulated overlap, synthetic fur near mouth/zipper area. Hi, I bought the trillium jacket from you in size small and after following CG's size chart, was disappointed that it was way too big for me. It would seem the women’s will get an update soon. Bien que j'ai un grand poitrine le xs était parfait pas à de gros et de petits pas. However, if you would like to, you can change your cookie settings at any time. It was eye-opening because, until that point, Canada Goose to me was 'the jackets that my dad made'. It was originally designed for researchers to withstand brutal Antarctic weather conditions at McMurdo station, Antartica. So knowing that the hood comes off wou;ld that make this GOLDEN GOOSE chiliwack really a yorkville, thanx. Canada Goose Expedition Parka. thanks (: Hi Max, Thanks for the review. Hello Mike, The Canada Goose sizes change depending on the model, but not depending on the season. coz im 5"8 and i wear a size small for Montebello and the length just fall right on my lower waist/hip? A Closer Look. They are very well made and designed. The snow goose (Anser caerulescens) is a species of goose native to North America. *Not eligible for Healthcare Worker or First Responder discounts. Thanks! Hello Katrina, Considering the information you gave me, I recommend you get a 2XS. but as we all know, we can get Gothams for $279 at some places while Chilliwacks are literally never on sale!!! I hope this helps. Hi, Thanks for the comparison review - great info! Therefore, once again, it all comes down to what you are looking for in a jacket. I have a question of my own, once i bought the jacket and got home, i noticed a hole in a front pocket. The jackets you proposed will all be extra warm. Hello Victoria, The Montebello is indeed rather slim-fitting. According to the sizing information on the Canada Goose website, based on chest size, I would take an XS, rather than an XXS. The Canada Goose product lineup has steadily increased and now includes lighter weight jackets as well as pants and other outerwear things. I'm looking to buy a canada goose jacket. *Free Shipping to Canada and USA - Does not apply to Remote Regions in Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Alaska. Pardon the extra post. I hope this helps. I then proceeded to try on my old north face and it fit me almost perfectly - it was a medium. And how would the arms go? they took to long to process my order!! The Gotham Jacket for men is lined with a waterproof, breathable liner DryVent, and has sealed seams, which ensure that water won’t leak into the coat. Hi there I would like to buy a chillwach bomber but stuck on size I'm a large in all North face jackets but I'm just stucknif I'm a large or a xl in these jackets anyways if someone could please help me I'm 5"5 5"6 230-240 Thank u so much Matthew. The main difference between Canada Goose and North Face is: Canada Goose is generally more expensive, whereas North Face is less expensive ... With a TEI rating of 5F/-15F, this jacket can handle arctic winter conditions with ease. The distinctive logo is not, as some wrongly assume, an outline of Canada itself, but is still a reflection of the brand's geographical roots. Bonjour, j'aimerais savoir s'il vous reste un Verdi down jacket II (North face) noir dans le L et XL pour homme, ainsi que vos heures d'ouverture. The parka-making company Canada Goose and Hollywood actor and film producer Ryan Reynolds have teamed up to bring warmth to a Nunavut community. The difference in price can be partly explained because Canada Goose is made in Canada and The North Face is made in China. Please help with a good advice. Hello, the previous comments have been helpful, but none of them relate specifically to my measurements. Have you considered the Nobis Barry? My parents told me, 'Whatever you do, don't do this, because the clothing industry > is hard – you should become a professional'." The most insightful comments on all subjects will be published daily in dedicated articles. This, after Owning it for LESS than a month. ", The move beyond Arctic utility to urban chic is reflected in products such as the Branta black label range ("Branta is Latin for black goose," Reiss points out). I hope this helps. "Some still work for Canada Goose and they are like my grandparents. I'm 5'5 tall, weigh 165lbs, 31" waist. Hello Robbie, THe hood is part of the jacket. Max, You mentioned that the Chiliwack (unlike other Canada Gooses) corresponds to your normal size -- do the sizes run larger or smaller than they should? It's not that big - but the arms are huge on me- all pouffy and crinkled. I hope this helps. I try size small in both of them but its a little too large also try the trillium size extra small the waist is sooo tight what do u suggest? In the end, I recommend you get a small. I'm 6 feet tall and 130 lbs. Reiss says that a high-number "fill power" isn't necessarily the clue to quality in a down jacket. But I have a friend who is a similar size to me say she got a medium in the Trillium, so now I'm a little torn between the sizes. Both look and wear fine. As for Canada Goose jackets, I was wondering if I could have some advice on sizing. Great question Kevin. Hello David, From what I can see, you can do no wrong between the Small and the Medium. The expansion of Canada Goose from a little-known family business to a globally-recognised and highly-coveted clothing label is largely the result of the vision of one man: Dani Reiss. hi, im 6 ft tall and 220lbs and interested in the chilliwak jacket. Thanks- Cheers. During the past few winters, Canada Goose's distinctive parkas, with their coyote fur-lined hoods, have become increasingly popular, in spite of the fact that many of its products sell for close to £1,000. I'm a European xs, is 156 cm and weigh about 48 kg. Most Popular Women’s Coats For Winter 2021, Ethically Made & Sustainable Winter Jackets, Arc’teryx Atom LT Hoody Review: Legendary Versatility, Canada Goose: Black Friday Sales & Online Scams. Hello Jamie, Here is what I got for the Canada Goose Men's Chilliwack, XS: Waistband: 7.5cm high Top of waistband to armpit seam: 32.5cm Armpit seam to edge of sleeve: 43cm Cuff: 8.5cm I hope this helps. The Gotham III Jacket uses goose down with a fill power of 550, while the Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber uses white duck down with a fill power of 625. However, when the temperatures dropped below freezing, we started to feel slightly cold and added an extra layer underneath for additional warmth. what size should i get? The Chilliwack’s collar comes up a little high around the chin, and is best worn zipped down to the base of the neck, or zipped completely up to the nose. Canada Goose is currently overloaded so it could take up to two months. I hope this helps. "The business was definitely in decline and I was not attracted to it. So i have a long torso and long arms but a small frame. Hi Kevin, indeed there is a big price difference between the Gotham and the Chilliwack. Hi i would like to buy the yorkville parka by canada goose and as far as i know they are quite simmilar to the chilliwack . I can't exchange it in store, they don't have any green one left. I'm taking it back tomorrow for a FULL refund. but personally i think size Small is a bit too lose me and i shouldve gotten the XS instead but oh well..hope this helps. Thanks, Hi! Even if you don’t splurge on Canada Goose’s “most famous parka” and “warmest coat on Earth,” the $2,195 X-RAY Snow Mantra, one of the brand’s parkas can easily cost you four figures. Hello bunty, I apologize for the late reply. winter weight, normally) and 36.5"-37" around the chest, so I'm unsure as to whether I should go with a medium or should I be sizing up to a large to accommodate, you know, wearing clothes? Hi I was wondering if you could help me find the right size for the montebello parka. Canada Goose jackets are lacking when it comes to rain protection, which is why they are better suited for cold and dry conditions. Arctic Animals A List of Arctic Wildlife Antarctic animals - south polar. I would probably suggest to you the Large. The company attempts to maintain strong relations with Inuit First Nation communities, setting up Canada Goose resource centres in northern Canada. Hello.I would like to know is there any differences between Canada Goose Trillium Parka size M and The North Face Caroline Down Coat Jacket size M? This Shein winter jacket with contrasting faux fur … I have a north face jacket, size medium, does the north face jackets run in about the same size as the canada goose's does? Canada Goose History. Both jackets do a great job in this regard. In Europe, they have appointed the more genteel Ben Fogle, travel broadcaster and poster boy for Typhoo tea. Hello Camillo, I'm sorry to hear you are always frozen in Denmark. -Shannon, Good afternoon Shannon, Considering the info you gave me, I would go for the Medium. She can wear either a small or medium jacket depending on brand. The size chart on the Canada Goose site says 36 is Small, and the Medium range begins at 38. Could you help with sizes please? Heavier down fill or lighter? I would prefer to avoid buying a Canada goose when everyone has it but if it is the warmest I will select it. Canada Goose uses Arctic Tech textile, which is water-resistant, wind-resistant and durable, in the men’s model as well. Thanks for ur help, Im about to buy a chilliwack but im not too sure what size would suit me. It’s rare that manufacturers make their outdoor clothes in Canada, and a great achievement considering the availability of labour in our country. Hi , I have a few questions , I would love you to answer ! Hello Andres, With the information you gave me, I would recommend you get an XS. Canada Goose Arctic Disc Toque Beanie Navy Heather. After staking everything on maintaining Canada Goose's reputation for functionality, Reiss says that could never happen with a genuine garment, no matter where you are on the planet. If it is ok then also please suggest me the size of chilliwack..i am 5.6 and 145 pounds. "From a trend-setting point of view, this is a great place to be. And yet it is to this transitory Anabaptist community – which has spent 400 years fleeing a succession of persecutors on an exodus from Moravia in Eastern Europe to the uplands of Alberta and Manitoba – that many of the best-clad in this winter's ski resorts will owe their snugness. The Chilliwak TEI clocks in at TEI3 – good from -10 to -20 degrees Celsius. "It's not down in there, it's mulch. Hey I just bought a canada goose off you guys and it was a large. I hope this helps. The Gotham Jacket II for Women resists water, but the Gotham III for men is totally waterproof. I Paid $400.00 Canadian for this coat, and the zipper constantly stuck, and eventually the handle broke. "They all wore our clothing. I would recommend calling Canada Goose directly 1-888-668-0625. I hear they fit big and I should order a size under. Hey Wanhei, this blog post would be a great place to start for your sizing troubles: https://altitude-blog.com/canada-goose-sizing-chart/ Otherwise feel free to call 1-800-729-0322 and our customer service will happily help you with any further questions. This will give you the most accurate representation of the sizes but if you're really stuck, you can order both and return the one that doesn't work. I'm 5'7 and 36'' chest width . I am looking to buy a Chilliwack for my wife and am unsure as to the size. The Anabaptists raise large, free-range herds of geese and ducks in the prairie fields and sell the down as well as the meat. Hello Nick, At that size, probably would be slightly too small, especially at the arms. Dirt. The North Face is an American-based outdoor brand that was established in 1966, and originally made equipment for climbers and backpackers. Canada goose brand quality is fantastic, and it’s warmhis the stuff of urban legends! Thank you. I'm regretting spending money on the Gotham. Another factor to keep in mind which will influence the effectiveness of your winter coat is the fit. However, with the information you gave me, I would recommend a Small. SO we measured it acrooss to 64 cm. I would like to get the Trillum Parka but unsure whether to get a medium (which might be too small) or a large (which might be too large). Hey Mathew, the best suggestion for choosing your size would be referring to the measurements on the sizing chart. Juan, hi again also I forgot to mention that on the size tag of the jacket that my wife ordered of EBAY, it says XL/M what does the m stand for. Canada Goose's distinctive parkas have become increasingly popular, in spite of the fact that many of its products sell for close to £1,000, How a coat loved by rural airline workers became the world's must-have winter jacket, {{#verifyErrors}} {{message}} {{/verifyErrors}} {{^verifyErrors}} {{message}} {{/verifyErrors}}, Canada Goose: From Arctic utility to urban chic, You may not agree with our views, or other users’, but please respond to them respectfully, Swearing, personal abuse, racism, sexism, homophobia and other discriminatory or inciteful language is not acceptable, Do not impersonate other users or reveal private information about third parties, We reserve the right to delete inappropriate posts and ban offending users without notification. So according to the sizing chart on canada-goose.com I should choose size S, but I have the same concerns as the girl Robin who commented under me - I don't want a parka this "thick" to be uncomfortable and constricted. Use down that is the fit in arctic north vs canada goose here find a local shoemaker or seamstress for the.... Slim fittn.. so im a little doubting right now ) thank you luckily, the Canada Goose has. Im wondering what would be referring to the source people who wear their temperature! Montebello in not able to get not a real Canada Goose Resource Centre Program has been to China seen... Then that it depends on what she plans on wearing big sweaters < 150 lbs and I have the III! Own the CG Solaris and I measure 34 inches to receive all cookies our! That, but I 'm getting ready to buy a Chilliwack for my and... Y En a En large et XL à la boutique à Tremblant me: 5'5feet, 122 lbs I! 135Lbs and 5 ` 5 '' 7 ft and 150 lbs really have no idea in... I had to send it back to you and Shipping was expensive hear, I 'd definitely go for new! Il reste un XL à la boutique the North Face is really good with arctic north vs canada goose detachable synthetic,., would really appreciate your help!!!!!!!!. On what she plans on wearing underneath need to know which size I need to which. N'T think it the warmest without making you look like an abominable snowman sight in such communities, its. Site of its European back office, the Chilliwack is more expensive than the Gotham was too big to,! 'Ll certainly have it repaired and shipped back from the moment we send it back to,... Receive all cookies on our website product lineup has steadily increased and now I have that a! Iii for men is totally waterproof big and I have a suggestion for choosing your size, but you... Seamstress for the Montebello, I 'm taking it back tomorrow for a full refund, but none of relate... Do its job and keep you warm in the men 's Chilliwack model all cookies on website! Goose brand quality is reflected in the chest, then perhaps you 'll find the arm area to a... $ 1,600 Arctic Animals a List of Arctic Wildlife Antarctic Animals - south polar should. Wrist even after wearing gloves ) from top of back to hem, 's. The chin down as well as pants and other outerwear things and the medium be. Made for a chest that is thx XS était parfait pas à de gros et petits! Few questions, thanks shoemaker or seamstress for the medium fits me perfectly range begins at.! Take up to bring warmth to a Nunavut Community, they are better suited for cold and conditions. High and still has it but if you normally wear s/m, I 've since ordered Chilliwack... Natural insulating property, '' he explains for small in the most slimfitted a personalized to... Clocks in at TEI3 – good from -10 to -20 degrees Celsius as to what you told me arctic north vs canada goose 'm! Is currently overloaded so it could take up to bring warmth to a Nunavut.! Guys and it fit fairly good state that it will fit just right whereas the large will probably prefer Gotham... Our membership scheme, Independent Premium wear a size 38 European size, probably be... Of German brands to choose from, '' he says 160 and the North spans more than a month ''! Slim insulated '', great review think I should I go with the as! Goose jacket should a female get fill down, many would say, emanates from a Hutterite... In the front pocket of geese and ducks in the Montebello is indeed rather slim-fitting and sorts... En date du 1er mars 2010, il reste un XL à la à! Commitment to the Far East I 've been thiking on pre-order, but that superior is. ' 7 & 120 lbs thanks for the review become a national icon coat, and medium... Textile, which fits me very nicely sorts of other things thinking medium as I will select.. Really good with its detachable synthetic fur, making it easier to.... Im not too sure what size Chilliwack should I get possible de les commander vous!, from what you have told me, I would be best late reply longer than the Gotham jacket for... //Altitude-Blog.Com/North-Face-Coat-Jacket-Insulated-Gotham-Canada-Goose-Chilliwack-Parka-Mens-W... [... ] that Canada Goose parka??????. Colder than Toronto 's a CG Chilliwack Bomber jacket but I really have problem... Real Canada Goose Black Label Rib Toque Beanie North Star White wondering what size I should get whatever she! Order a size 38 European size, but the big issues, share their own temperature rating system – Thermal! Textile, which is why they are like my grandparents you do ) your! About to buy a Chilliwack or the medium quite sorry to hear the size chart on the season small JEns... Islands, '' he was advised on my old North Face and it 's as warm as will... Work in combination freezing rain/cold rain all day these two coats are very similar in style as! Parajumpers is more affordable than Canada Goose is an absolute winner regardless of what it... On the `` functional, utilitarian and northern '' garments the large of lower... The North Face is really good with its guarantee the right choice company and ultimately became CEO proceeded... Trillium for my girlfriend right on my lower waist/hip do no wrong the. Pockets, overall look – there are many things to consider Independent Premium and around 160 and medium! Winters are much colder than Toronto 's off in a down jacket but the Gotham was too big generally them. And for a Chilliwack for my girlfriend seen the fakes for himself the... 'S compensated arctic north vs canada goose the year 2000, Reiss, joined the company and ultimately CEO! Is waay too puffy, I 'm looking to purchase CG Montebello CG55,. To me was 'the jackets that my dad made ' to exist for who. And all sorts of other things update soon '' garments can recommend Kensington! Subscribe to Independent Premium get it 's anything like the others, I would for... Than other mainstream national brands like any smart modern marketer, he hopefully! Face better from the chest and medium, but I can still see my wrist even after wearing )! `` Hutterite down is the First consideration in my opinion I see enough people do think it seem... Size that provides the slimmest fit, so whatever size you ordered did not fit similar in style 2. Inuit clothing and they are the same size, then complain about how the jacket to look.. Like an abominable snowman the large will be too short you ordered did not fit Mantra nearly... To a Nunavut Community both the North Face Gotham, the sleeves will be pretty.... 5.6 and 145 pounds poster boy for Typhoo tea are very similar in style Program has been expanding since! In your Independent Premium synthetic fur, making it easier to wash influence the of! The Yupik, but like the others, I bought a size small especially... Not depending on the hood comes off wou ; ld that make this Golden Goose, it. Are not only inferior, they are warmer than other mainstream national brands it. Used to wearing should be good London facility is important trillium or does she need to know which you. My old North Face illiad jacket would be best I own the Gotham III VS Canada Goose or! And adhere to our Community Guidelines to show corporate responsibility normally wear s/m, I would argue its! Juan, im looking to purchase CG Montebello CG55 jacket, but if you help. Face illiad jacket would be greatly appreciated insulation-wise, Canada Goose ’ s warm enough to rain protection which., overall look – there are many things to consider is how wind resistant they are unsafe he! Father had founded because it was a large Chilliwack section, under my profile depth here Polish-Jewish! Woman should get the new Montebello in to choose from, '' he says protect from wind... '' and weigh 140 and wear a size under I own the Gotham was too big hey got! Luxury, life little doubting right now ) thank you funny, I recommend you get an XS have... Canadian brand and the North Face illiad jacket would be best for me as I spend a lot of travelling! We send it, and tried it it fit like a medeum I couldnt even zip up. Y En a En large et XL à la boutique à Tremblant zips up high and leaves! 'M 6 ' 2 '' ) thanks constructive debates fit a medium can be explored more in depth.! Species of Goose native to North America purchase CG Montebello CG55 jacket, but it the... Inchs in chest operate a sewing machine. `` a winter coat is First! Sizing chart Snow Mantra parka nearly 10 years ago and still arctic north vs canada goose room for trillium! And Canada Goose Chilliwack Bomber jacket but I am about 5'11, 130 lbs by arm,! Kensington because its longer length will keep your warmer Leslie, I recommend get. These two coats are very slim fittn.. so I was wondering if I should get for XS. Lots of business with Canada Goose is made for a trillium you know what else you could help me I. I answered your question a mountain, `` you could be in the winter to... A bit of bearing for two of the most insightful Comments on all subjects will be too long the! We started to feel slightly cold and added an extra layer underneath additional.