Is your website organized in a manner that makes sense not only to you but also site visitors within your target market? Card sorting is a time tested technique in ensuring UX designers get the insight for creating solid information architecture in a website. Carry out card sorting online quickly and easily using Optimal Sort. In fact, it’s one of my favorite UX methods to use as a UX designer because it’s simple, fast, and informative.. I’ll teach you everything you need to know to successfully conduct a card sorting … Create Cards and Categories by uploading excel or csv files or, simply key in using the keyboard Closed, Open or Hybrid Card Sort Pre-define Categories, ask users to do so or simply do a mix of both the options You can learn the vocabulary surrounding card sorting in our Complete beginner’s guide to design research or checkout Donna Spencer and Todd Warfel’s Card sorting: a definitive guide for something more comprehensive. Card sorting is a UX design user testing technique that focuses on establishing the best structure for an IA. You can make a card sort more fun (more game-like) by introducing a tight timeline, prizes for the first to finish or prizes for the most innovative labelling. This, however, will happen only if you know when and how to use card sorting, what to expect, what not to expect and, finally, how to interpret the results.. Over 50 great free UX tools, including tools to help with prototyping, design, user research, user testing, surveys, card sorting, annotating, screen grabbing, sitemapping, analytics and accessibility. It helps you make the right decisions by understanding how users perceive and use your content. Open card sorts are particularly difficult to analyze because they produce a variety of content structures. Card sorting in UX is very simple to learn but astronomically beneficial to your product.. Card sorting is a UX research method that helps you discover how people understand and categorize information. Card sorting is a common user research technique. Card sorting is an easy and reliable method to get valuable insights about how your web content should be organized in order to meet the expectations of your target group. Card sorting can be conducted in a number of ways such as actual cards, pieces of paper, Post-It notes or online tools such as Optimal Sort, which allow you to conduct the research remotely. Understand how people think you should organize and categorize your content so you can … UX / 10 Card Sorting Tools for Surveying Information Architecture (IA) 10 Card Sorting Tools for Surveying Information Architecture (IA) Last Edited October 17, 2018 by Garenne Bigby in UX. In a card sorting study, participants group ideas or information written on cards into categories in a way that makes sense to them. This insight allows you to understand how users would expect to see content grouped on a website and how they might see these groups labelled. This article can help you cover these bases. In a card sort, participants create groups from content or objects and label the groups they generate.We can use that to understand how they think about categories and ideas for labelling. That is, to make both labels and groups on websites or apps more intuitive to users by considering how they would organize the information on your site.