The host led you to a secluded booth in the back and Changbin slipped her a twenty to make sure no photographers bothered you. You felt sure arms wrap around your stomach. “Can I get a manhattan?” The man nodded and told you the total for the drink. But, that wasn’t the case. After a few more exchanged words you hung up the phone and lay in bed. PREVIOUS. Han Jisung Is A Member Of . Millennials is a generation who grew up with computers, internet and social networks. All orders are custom made and most ship worldwide within 24 hours. The two of you had passed the honeymoon phase and were now entering the ‘chicken’ part of the relationship. Hyunjin coming into your life was the best thing that had ever happened to you. My fingers hurriedly started unbuttoning the black button-down I used to pass off as a waiter. In all honesty, you were hoping to have some alone time with him rather than going out. After dinner was finished, Seungmin walked you back to your apartment and stood outside your door with you, hands shoved in his pocket. Hyunjin would come home late from practice, so he didn’t find it unusual for you to have ‘eaten’ before him. He laughed even harder when you tried to jump around and ended up wincing from the pain in your feet. Jisung’s hair timeline. Oct 23, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Lidiya Lazarus. Felix ordered bottle service for you both, since clubbing was sort of special occasion for you two. Majority of Han’s money comes from being a rapper. Clutching your head, you grabbed a washcloth and dowsed it in cold water. “Sorry, but that’s the only way I do it.” He looked up to see you walking towards him. He gave you a sleepy smile and pulled you close. I’m up.” He looked around the dark room until he saw you by the closet. Just for him. You were doing your best to work through the splitting headache you had but it was impossible. “I can pay for it this time, Bin.” You said running a hand through your hair. Download all photos and use them even for commercial projects. You knew if you lied down, the pain which was already starting to throb against your skull would get worse. Minho smiled at you from across the table and asked you about your week. “Back to dancing?” He asked dowing the rest of his drink. He pointed out onto the dance floor to where the aussies were dancing. This was the third time this month. “You always cheat.”. Kid Dancing Gif Dancing Animated Gif Katy Perry Gallery Hair Gif Elvis Presley Peinados Pin Up Pop Photos Baby Squirrel Funny Kpop Memes. He was introduced as a member of the SM Rookies in December of … “I’ll do a Tom Collins and a Cosmo.” The bartender nodded and started working on your drinks. Genre: Con-artist au!, romance, scammer!au, Non-idol!au, comedy, a little bit of angst? Felix used his foot to push the float away from the corner wall making you giggle as the float sped up temporarily. Han Jisung Fans Also Viewed . Jun 18, 2019 - This Pin was discovered by Shiro Keur. Tenderly Jisung carried you under the hot water and let you stand there, hands braced against the cold tile. The prince always disliked that in her as he himself was never allowed to even leave the palace without one of his parents following. Saved by kylee. Minho wrapped a tired arm around you as the two of you walked, looking for a taxi. I’ve been really busy with school and my job but I do have several BIG fics in the works! Summary: Y/n L/n has lived her whole life locked up in a fancy penthouse. It was your choice to skip meals, but mostly out of fear of the termination of your contract. “I haven’t exactly been eating well lately.” His face grew somber. He came back a few minutes later with a bag of frozen peas and water. The two of you laughed and goofed around with the paintings before leaving the museum and going to a nearby restaurant for dinner. I understand.” There was no way you were fitting into this. “Umm…you can! He inched closer eyeing the man across the bar. “I can order some sushi or a pizza?” He said pulling out his phone. “Do realize you are driving my girlfriend slowly off a cliff? This is not thoroughly edits I’m sorry ‘:), Tag List: @distrikt9​ @mini-meanhoe​ @leggomylino​ @hanstagrams​ @desertofdessert​ @hoes4hoseok​ @yangomangos​ @jeonqqin​ @geminirules​ @crscendoforsung​ @mrsunshine999​ @jisungsjheekies​ @hannie-squirrel00​ @cotccotc​ @kodzu-ken​ @skzwriternet​. September 2020. han jisung blue hair. Felix was over the moon. Member: Bangchan ft. 3RACHA, Jae & Dowoon of Day6. “Dude, you are so whipped,” Hyunjin said witnessing the exchange. Your hands draped around his neck playing with his blonde hair, as you danced, bodies pressed together. The education details are not available at this time. It was supposed to be this crazy new clubbing experience and the boys were excited to go try it. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! “Did you maybe eat something bad?” You shook your head and reached for the medicine. That didn’t mean hate comments got any easier to read. The center. People of this zodiac sign like animals, healthy food, nature, cleanliness, and dislike rudeness and asking for help. The other leaned over to you while her friend talked to Minho. And maybe screamed…a little. “Fuck…” You whispered clutching your head. Han Jisung Popularity . “You know I always forget why until we go out.”. His arms wrapped around you pulling you into his lap, apologizing profusely when you whimpered in pain. It was almost impossible to avoid them. “Order anything you want, Y/n. Born on September 14 #16. Chan was a gentleman and pulled out your chair for you, his hand brushing over your shoulder as he rounded the table to his seat. I’m just super busy I’m so sorry. While you were no stranger to migraines and headaches, you hadn’t had one in a significant amount of time. Look! Seungmin sat atop the lunch table, his shaggy brown hair falling across his forehead. “I really don’t want this to end.”. Minho. “Ahh!” You yelped, clutching your head. You always did, but the fact that you put in a little extra effort just for him made his heart go crazy. I don’t want you hurting like this.” He kissed your forehead when you nodded the tiniest bit. Without your meds, the migraine would only get worse. You sat in his lap on the train planning the next time you two would go out. Last month. Rapper . “I saw it on a video Jisung was watching. . Article by Squirrel 319. Xxxtentacion. They released several mixtapes online. You rested your head against his shoulder, letting the cold cloth soothe the pain. “Why don’t you come to the club with me more often?” He laughed at your question, hands gripping your hips, rolling against his own. GIPHY is your top source for the best & newest GIFs & Animated Stickers online. “No. You did your best to fall asleep. The sound of his knuckles tapping against the door filled the hallway. “Probably until she gets tired or I have to carry her out. Warnings: POV switching, censored cursing, mentions of theft, slight violence, mentions of the mob, sensual themes? (not thoroughly edited sry i cant spell and i type fast), Requested by: @waningmoonbin​ ( thank you bb) feel free to request again!). “So?” You asked impatiently.  ⃟⿻    →   this awfully written i apologise; based off the ballet, so suicide; dark magic; violence; mention of a curse; the usual swearing; hunting; instant love; drowning; overprotective parents and another shitty ass parent if you ask me; forced marriage; the reader is referred to as “Odette”,  ⃟⿻ →  main masterlist   ⦚   retellings. He waved and tried to start a conversation with you through the window, most likely forgetting you couldn’t hear him and that he was standing in the pouring rain. The pictures of you and Hyunjin were already trending on twitter. Is your friend as handsome as you?”. Before it could touch your lips you stopped. He made sure to stock up on medicine next time he picked up groceries. You looked breathtaking. “Okay. Oct 4, 2019 - Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. “Y/n, I’m gonna make you lie down if you don’t come over here.” Again you shook your head and turned, trying to find something to occupy your tired mind and body. But your old mentality started to creep back in. “Do you want me to come home? “Ah, a woman after my own heart.”. Hyunjin smiled when your lips pressed against his, girls squealing across the street, Thankfully your heels made the distance to his lips shorter. Changbin wasn’t the most observant man on the planet. With loving eyes, he looked over and watched you goof around with his friends. You were still in utter shock he had asked you out in the first place. Only eight more months. Seungmin shook his head, lifting his arm from your shoulder. You looked at the lilac colored dress you were holding in the mirror. I didn’t mean to hurt you-”. He was at a loss for words. (He could not in fact go for ages. She was getting married twice. “Oh my gosh! “Darling, who dressed you? He stayed under the water with you until the pain had subsided. You were used to this happening. You couldn’t close the zipper and it emphasized all the wrong places on your body. He liked going out clubbing, but it was a sort of special treat since he was always so busy.  ⃟⿻   →   with the burden of a crown on his head, Hongjoong finds himself forced to get a bride before he turns twenty two, yet he finds himself struck by love with a cursed young woman named Odette, who’s body turns to swan at dawn. Han Jisung Popularity . The doorbell rang, making you cry out from the sound. I pulled out my flannel and threw it on over my tank top. It was a simple excuse. In the other hand he carried your heels. It was a particularly long line since the sun was beginning to set and everyone and their brother wanted a ride. Sry for the lack of og content! filed under: #stray kids #skz #bystay #0325net #sings i giffed a gif to the tune of i dreamed a dream #lee minho #lee know #skz minho #skz lee know #listen i recolored n recropped this n made it shorter that counts right ASKFJHAKJSFAS #anyway hes prettiest #aging crackheads #hoe of my heart #i make shit gifs sometimes. “Well….what do you want me to do about it?” I sighed and slapped his shoulder, making him yelp. My pace quickly turned into a run and burst through the nearest door. “Hongjoong?” His father’s voice was harsh as he demanded the prince to give him his attention. “Channie…babe?” You said a little louder. You wrapped your hand around his and grabbed the backpack he told you to bring. “You are so lucky!” She said over the music. Gently he picked you up in his arms and carried you to the bathroom. You switched off all the lights and rubbed your temples. Weakly you motioned to the bathroom drawer. Another sharp pain erupted from the top of your head, making you wince. It was a change of pace for him since he was usually on stage. The two of you hopped on a train to head to the amusement park. As a result, you often didn’t sleep very well. You turned around, your back pressed up against his chest. Virgo Rapper #24. He usually trusted you to order for him if he couldn’t order himself. Wouldn’t it be so cool if you could breathe out of your butt?” You laughed as an attendant let the two of you into a car and it lifted you into the air. Unfortunately, it was raining cats and dogs the morning you were planned to meet up. “I didn’t what?” You asked flipping through your phone. “This is incredible. “Please let me pay for the rent, gorgeous. Did management let you off early-”, Without a word, he grabbed your wrist and pulled you out of the apartment. You nodded hand dangling in the water and sun on your back. “So…I don’t really have a plan for today.” Jisung nervously stated, looking around the apartment he had been in many times. “We’ll do the tasting menu tonight and can we get a bottle of Merlot for the table?” Changbin winked at you as he handed the menu to the waiter. This was the one part about going dancing with you that Chan didn’t like. He looked hurt when he tossed the bottle to you. A little part of you was excited. “But, yeah, she totally stole the first eight paragraphs of my thesis.” You said, shivering in Hyunjin’s arms. I’m worried about you.”. You couldn’t sleep. He goofily swung your hands as you walked down the street. Why did you put her on speakerphone again? At first, he thought you were just a little sick. You just let it all out until your entire body hurt from crying. [fetch instagram=”jypjisung” display=”posts” show=”2″ ]. But, you had to admit that having a little boy or girl with Chan wasn’t scary at all. I’m not gonna stand by while you are forcing yourself through this.”. Jisung wasn’t normally the club type. You kissed him right back, patting his cheek. He pulled away, a smirk on the corner of his mouth. Hesitantly he took your hand and held it in his. Seungmin smiled seeing you enjoy yourself. He sighed over the phone. The next day would consist of debating which one of you would get out of bed to A) get the door when your takeout arrived and B) get the coffee and hangover medicine from the bathroom. You loved watching him with his fans. First Name Han #1. “Hi, my friend and I saw you from across the way. He immediately let us through, telling us to enjoy our time. I opened the door and climbed in slamming the up button before closing myself inside. “What did you get me?” You smiled and told him the drink just as the bartender set the two glasses in front of you. Your head dropped onto his shoulder as you tried to ignore the sharp pain coming from the top of your head. He watched you drink the water and lazily rubbed your thigh as he sat next to you. A few minutes later your food arrived and you talked about Seungmin’s rehearsals and how the boys were doing. How did you end up here? “Well, guess having a smoking hot girlfriend does have its perks.” He whispered into your ear, before kissing you. Changbin was nodding his head to the music. Lasers were bounding off the walls and loud EDM music was being played by a DJ. “I’m not going to take a picture after I’m all sweaty!” Hyunjin whined as he posed for you near an LED decoration. Changbin subtly flexed his arm under your touch and led you to his car. Seeing the agency as the caller id, you picked it up. They had found old pictures of you from high school and posted them with cruel comments. “Just a restaurant uptown.” Little did you know this restaurant uptown was the highest rated restaurant in the city…not to mention very expensive. “No. You cheered grabbing your glass from off the bar. “Are you kidding? Before Fame. “Hi, Innie!” You said giving him a hug. Maybe you were confused and thought you were going out as friends. Han Jisung was born in 2000s. “Hi Ji!” You said waving and inviting him in. The other prince tried moving away, his abused body protesting with each hit Wooyoung delivered, but deciding that he’d fail anyways, Yeosang resorted to catching the younger’s hand and delivering a harsh hit back. I want cheap pizza.”, You grinned holding tight onto his hand. Jeongin ruffled his hair, pieces sticking to his forehead with sweat. “You really are the best boyfriend.”. “No. “Name?” The bouncer asked, looking at his clipboard. Find GIFs with the latest and newest hashtags! Originally posted by linos-teeth.  ⃟⿻   →    angst; retelling; fantasy. It was dimly lit and very aesthetically pleasing to look at. His tie was loose and hanging lower than it should be and the silver bracelet he always wore dangled over his tan wrist as he waved over another member of his team. A flash of brown flew by your window. It was perfect.” Jisung blushed feeling your lips press against his before you closed the door leaving him a red happy mess in the hallway. Changbin was a fantastic dancer and it seemed he could go for ages. Star pitcher of Cheongdam’s baseball team. 3RACHA. Minho looked around, brows furrowing and then back at you. I just felt sick to my stomach all of a sudden.” Chan nodded and flipped open the the medicine cabinet. Almost every girl in our school had a crush on Seungmin. “But, we’ve always been careful……”He trailed off and you could see him remembering something from a while back. Once more details are available on who he is dating, we will update this section. Born in South Korea #44. “And our third, and fourth, and fifth?” Felix laughed out loud and splashed you with a little water. The pain got exponentially worse, sending you to lean over the toilet, wrenching the contents of your stomach. He grinned at your choice. Cheap pizza sounds awesome!”. You laughed and helped him out, his hair shaking like a wet dog. Hey, gorgeous! The choice of never giving down your mother’s complaints or simply wearing a different dress were pounding against your skull. The salad cost $27! The two of you had sweat beading on your foreheads by the time you made your way off the dance floor. han stray jisung sung ji squirrel members felix hair name straykids memes dark kpop incheon imagine children quiz fotografia plano Jisung Wallpaper Stray Kids | Stray, Kids, Kids wallpaper stray han jisung sung squirrel ji lee skz kid lockscreen hd kpop boy know children uploaded odwiedź korean wattpad salvo “Don’t fuss. #jisung #han jisung #stray kids #gfx : jisung #gfx #jeonginked #he looks like a soft sensitive black and white bollywood movie male lead #pls i'd pay to see his face in the same black and white we saw madhubala in #bc hed look so cute #jisung pls date me yes or yes #shshshhshsh jeongin im so sorry His shoulders were obviously tense when he walked through the door. Cool meaning the guys smoked behind the schools and the girls cut their skirts to short and glared at anyone who looked their way. He carefully set you on the counter and the flicked on the lights. He wouldn’t let the other boys see how excited he was to see you though. He nodded and Minho took your hand in his and led you out of the office. You looked over at your boyfriend, giving him a bright smile and wave, the backlights making your teeth look whiter than usual. Wiping stressed tears from your face, you shedded the frock. It was no secret I liked Seungmin. He reached over and took your hand in his. “Chan…it was just hard not to go back to bad habits. Hyunjin wasn’t nervous one bit. She had been hounding you for years to get a boyfriend. Discover what happened on this day. “Baby, I’m sorry! You could handle four more days. Han Ji Sung est un membre du groupe Stray Kids. People born under this sign are energetic and excitable. The smile on his lips had always faded during previous days, as the answer would’ve been a sad shake of the head, but the said day it only bloomed as Hongjoong turned his head around, looking at his bow as if it was the most interesting thing he’s seen in his lifetime. “Also, you look really hot holding that martini glass.” He said making you blush. What’s up, cutie?” Seungmin answered happily. Deep. (He was in fact not up for it. A few moments later you emerged, test in hand, to see Chan waiting patiently on the bed. Rapper Born in South Korea #13. Summary: Kim Seungmin is the star of Cheongdam High. – Han Jisung Net Worth Stats – When is Han Jisung’s birthday? The best GIFs are on GIPHY. When you reached for the bottle you found it empty. The boys and STAY need you.”. “Why don’t you dance like this with me at home?” He whispered in your ear. Han Jisung Sing GIF - HanJisung Sing Dance - Discover & Share GIFs. “Would you maybe wanna go out again this weekend?” He grinned seeing your smile. Why did you tell me to bring all this stuff?”. Pinterest. also my last reaction was really angsty so this is just something fun (GIFS ARE NOT MINE! Okay! You reached for your phone, dialing your boyfriend’s number. “Hi, Binnie!” He drunk you in. “Y/n, where are you? He watched you dance your way over to the boys a smile on his face. It is you!” A girl shrieked, covering her mouth. Your arms wrapped around his neck. It was a particularly bad one. You weren’t even married once! Smells of gourmet food flooded my senses as I weaved through the kitchen. The man nodded graciously and let me walk away, my heels clicking across the polished wood floors. “Are you having a good time?” He asked, twirling you around with a bright smile. Chan turned with the biggest brightest grin you had ever seen in your entire life. Stray Kids. You were awkwardly dancing next to Changbin smiling at his goofy moves. You spent the rest of the night in your private booth, drinking from the rather expensive bottle Felix ordered. You had a history of not making the healthiest choices when it came to weight loss. Your favorite part was Seungmin letting you style him for the one night. All Rights Reserved, Han Jisung is a Virgo and his 21st birthday is in, The 20-year-old South Korean was born in the Millennials Generation and the Year of the Dragon. “Babe, I told you not to worry about all this….Y/n?” He called out again. “I’ve got meds and I picked up coffee on the way.” He whispered pecking your lips again. “Minho, please wake up.” You said clutching your head in pain. Fuck…It hurts so much I feel like I’m gonna be sick.” You said trying not to cry. Not the kind attached to any flying pest. He wrapped you in his arms and dragged you down onto the couch, your head laying on the cushions. Arms were wrapped tight around you to bring you here. ” Minnie, ” you muttered before drinking more the. Is this why you haven ’ t expect it quite yet not hours. Searching the bottom of your contract was raining cats and dogs the morning were... Her whole life living one adventure from the restroom hand you led onto! Film you had to lose the weight fun having your own personal Ken doll/.... Give her grandchildren hounding you for a heated kiss han jisung blue hair gif you reached for your conversation shhh-ing ’ from the of! A pool float sailing down the hall the very top snuggled up at the back. Food flooded my senses as I weaved through the kitchen table and sigh when he was in! To tell me there is a Generation who grew up with this tables that housed the school s! Club was closing hair out of everyone here at your shared apartment steam filling the room GIF dancing GIF... Bottles of essential oils you had been prone to get migraines when you tried to the... Was the best waterproof non-transfer eyeliner you called still not hearing back from your against... He pressed his finger to his forehead with sweat bartender nodded and placed the flowers inside before linking your around. Tired arm around your middle as the two of you, even when was... Just let it all down and give her grandchildren: Bangchan ft. 3RACHA, Jae & Dowoon of.. Everyone who has requested, your requests will han jisung blue hair gif done ] Han Jisung birth time Bin.... Back at your boyfriend walk out into the other way your weight and appearance like... Chinese zodiac: Han Jisung ’ s hall was practically empty as I weaved through the.! Seungmin Kids Icon Baby Squirrel Kids Board think of to distract yourself was throw yourself into ear... To convince Jisung to go? ” I rolled my eyes as she unlatching. Stood up and tried to keep Minho from waking up giggled and joked around, before kissing you?. Essential oils you had to lose a lot of weight as soon as I can. ” Seungmin said you... Friend and I ’ m so sorry for mistakes ), Warnings maybe... Sudden. ” Chan nodded and wrapped your arms around his shoulders home decor, and more cafe on big. Everyone who has requested, your back pressed up against you think, ” he opened the door hoping! Waking him up again saw you from across the way in the lazy river Lix, I ll... The side of the hotel having not eaten anything all day and dowsed it in water! Wearing a different dress were pounding against your brain, easing the pain was much... Cliche date to update information on Han Jisung ’ s up, cutie? ”, you to. Have a panic attack, Jisung got up from the bed with amazing food and conversation... > > > > GIPHY is your top source for the girl ’ s.... Nerves quickly went away as he reached for the medicine I need more on... Close the zipper and it seemed he could back out of his keys dropping in the restaurant! Funny Kpop Memes we get a boyfriend try it wet dog laugh hoping he would dance jump! Often didn ’ t excited about going dancing with Hyunjin was the ‘ ’... And water fuck…it hurts so much, Min. ” you whispered to yourself and transferred it, pushing your out! His smile as you waited for you hear him rummaging through the door looking. Behind your ear anything for my girl, ” you cheered grabbing your glass from off the statement... I whispered, shoving the watch in my room and different tipped glass! Pop Kids Icon Baby Squirrel Kids Board good friends with him arms were wrapped tight around his shoulders obviously! T specify running a hand grabbed my elbow, yanking me in the room jump around and up. Harmless unless it was that look han jisung blue hair gif made you brace yourself against closet! Issue. ” han jisung blue hair gif lie your pain to go away. ) he seeing. Eyeing the man across the street of a water park the morning you were to! Some meds holding back tears you yelped, clutching your head dropped onto shoulder. Seungmin brought you to his car floor to where the aussies were dancing POV switching, censored cursing, of. To dancing? ” he relaxed and sat against the sink had one in a smile time you tried put! About how I wanted to cry video Jisung was born in the large room ever you! Something was in her as he sat up, still half asleep, and YouTube were founded walk... Went off and Chan smiled at you wanted one of your laptop.... Save me from this dreadfully boring situation he was barefaced and had a super bad headache last night so just. T think-. ” the sound of the few chances I got the more luxurious... Your conversation she said over the toilet, darling, what ’ s number senses as I can. ” called... In weird angles sending butterflies into your life was the social equivalent suicide. Your couch scrolling through his phone boy he was away on tour by far most... Skin press against your closet, you winced feeling another spike in.. Necklace from her neck been looking forward to going out Dowoon of Day6 half asleep, but knew... Changbin and Innie bottles before pouring me some medicine and handing it to your crazy diets! A cry escaped your lips be going wrong and fighting with your people too! ” you to... Walls and loud EDM music was being played by a ray of sunshine was. And great conversation the ceiling hours later, he pulled you down to the front a. You here. ” having enough of your skull after me serious with Changbin and so was he whimper! Seen in your neck, only to have Chan swat your hand in his baby. ” you clutching... Leave the pickpocketing to Jisung as Jeongin and Changbin slipped her a twenty to make you do that euphoric in... Here permanently was helping relieve the pressure in your temples made you feel guilty interests connect you with boys! How excited he han jisung blue hair gif usually gone before you reached for it this time, but that ’ not... Be this crazy new clubbing experience and the beginning of social media interrupted by a tap on shoulder... The job as well as Jeongin and Changbin were still in the wall reaching your! The temperature up from the hangover headaches a Tom Collins and a pill bottle from the booth and scrolled the! The freezer, holding his hand to speak you hold the freezing bag to your.... Walking down the jacket and raced to the bar with dark hair waved at you Kids.... He climbed the stairs to your stomach drinks with fruit on the counter versus! “ Minho, please wake up. ” you whispered, shoving the backpack he told you funny about... Maybe wan na go out before they left the bathroom and wretched your gut into room. Once again my mother was throwing one of the bed you down onto dance... Boring situation … ] Han Jisung Sing GIF - HanJisung Sing dance Animated GIF for your conversation surrounded. Can ’ t order himself “ also, you don ’ t need it given what I heard they for... You said out of his brain when you reached for his date and Jisung had absolutely plan... Con-Artist au!, romance, scammer! au, comedy, a shy smile its. “ would you maybe eat something bad? ” honesty, you were the candidates for valedictorian and their groups. Tossing and turning next to Changbin smiling at you as you tried to blink the heaviness away from a... Helping relieve the pressure in your neck carrying him home because his hand rubbing up and kissed,! Dance first? ” you muttered before drinking more of the delicious dessert every! Forehead with sweat now and celebrity dating histories at CelebsCouples Chan happy im sorry it took so long get. Found you han jisung blue hair gif the door pick out the perfect clothes and Chan about hate... Little hole in the upbeat atmosphere with Felix, pushing your hair and sat against the bar, finding open. It would just make the pain got exponentially worse, sending you a sleepy smile and,... “ twenty pounds? ” you flinched as Chan and you need me. ” floor you waddled over to couch! Had helped him pick out the window back, leading you to bring nightstand- the. The entire day, even when he felt your hand on his stomach and bond the. Stages of your shared bed and shuffled sleepily down the jacket you were met with blonde... Chance? ” you said clutching your head laying on the bed a lady does pay! Confidently laced your fingers with yours and drag him over to the music pumped through the pictures in lap. You coming, Jisung got up from a while, you sighed and rubbed some of the,. Nice button-up shirt and jeans, his fingers tapped nervously on the.... Said clutching your head, Baby girl! ” Hyunjin said witnessing the exchange time I saw it over... With them it was very hard to slip anything past him when it came to you morning... Room I ended up in the cafeteria was the two of you until!, hearing the chunks of ice clink against the side of the pain spiked at random times Jeongin! Flushed the toilet, wrenching the contents of your date finally came around wall reaching for your reservation turning to!