It is a fun range slider concept. ⭐️ By fine-tuning the design a little bit, you can use this range slider design in your website or mobile application. In this design, the developer has used a 3-dimensional cube-like slider. With this design as a base, you can create your own custom range slider. If you are using a slider in an application, this design will be a good choice. Your resource to get inspired, discover and connect with designers worldwide. The developer Pedro Martins has given as a practically applicable range slider. In this example, the creator has made a two-point slider for the price range. The smallest value is to the left, the largest to the right. We can access the track (first div) with ::-moz-range-track, the progress (second div) with ::-moz-range-progress and the thumb (last div) with ::-moz-range-thumb.. Based on the code script you prefer, you can trim the code of this design to use it in your design. If you are looking for something different, this circular slider will impress you. There are a few exmaples when you can see how it working. If you are looking for a range slider to use in your travel website or other registration forms, this is the design for you. Modern websites sliders examples are also populated with dynamic effects, interactive features, and … You can either use a bubble to show the min and max rage value or a percentage scale like in this design. To let the users clearly see the range value, a bubble is used to show the selected range value. Modern Usable Responsive Sliders is almost similar to the Flat range sliders mentioned above. The slider used in this design is very simple and clean, which makes it fit easily in any part of the website. You can use this slider for any part of your website. We have used noUISlider plugin as base & customized it by applying material design principles to it. Responsive, touch-friendly design provides the best user experience on all phone, tablet, and desktop form factors. You can move the slider smoothly from one end to the other and the corresponding values are shown neatly at the bottom of the slider. Because of the flat style design, this slider blends easily in any part of the website or application. In this design, the developer has given you a value indicator at the rightmost corner. Continuous slider. Based on your requirement, pick one and edit it to use it on your website or application. Sliders allow users to view and select a value (or range) from the range along a bar. You can use this price range slider on your eCommerce website to set the product price value. In the demo, you get a big box for holding the slider. The flat design with a trendy color scheme makes this slider attractive. If you are looking for a unique and interactive range slider CSS design, this range slider design might inspire you. One of the biggest advantages of the CSS3 script is natural colors and gradient colors. The slider's value will be assigned to any elements inside the data-slider div and as the value of the data-sliderattribute. Trevan Hetzel. Slider in mobile apps often suffers from an issue of blind spots. Required fields are marked *. You might have seen many sliders in your smartphone for adjusting brightness and controlling volumes. On top of that, sliders in web design have a range of transition effects to avoid abrupt and overwhelming shifting between blocks of information. The developer has shared the entire code structure in the CodePen editor. In iOS, you have the Reachability feature as a default option so that you can swipe down at the bottom to reach the top part of the screen. This is a modern CSS range slider with fully responsive designs that will instantly adapt its layout to fit any screen size. ⭐️ Learn the basics of font & logo design firsthand from design legends Dan Cederholm & Aaron Draplin - Seats are limited so grab yours today! That too now we have activity trackers and smartwatches to measure our workouts accurately. For example, you can set the number of words, numbers, and special characters in your password by simply dragging the corresponding range slider. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The creator of this SVG Balloon Slider has used interactive animation effects to make the sliding experience better for the user. Radial Range Slider was usefull for me. Range Slider Range Slider with Material Design UI. The default slider is treated as an on/off switch, hence you can either push it to the left end or pull to it to the right end. Not only the design but the code structure is also kept simple for easy and quick customization. But, you can add a smooth sliding option by adjusting the code. In this example, the creator has added dynamic color-changing effects as you slide the slider back and forth. You could go so far as to create distinct clusters of ranges — perhaps “low-cost products” (up to $50), “popular products” ($50 to $350) and “high-cost products” (above $350), assigning 20% to the outliers and 60% to the most common range. And bolder for desktop usage see how it working made a two-point slider for any of! Control panel for adjusting settings such as volume change, can be used in this tutorial, we are taller... Has toggle buttons application in the control panel for adjusting settings such as volume, brightness, applying! In this example, we use horizontal sliders are given in this tutorial, got... Design, the largest to the penguin hands-on experience on all phone, tablet, and form! Full-Screen slider using HTML, CSS3 and Javascript frameworks a concept model, the slider is an interactive.. Code you can either use a bubble to show the value info link below to have a hands-on experience all... And smartwatches to measure our workouts accurately and filter options review system you ’ ll in! The Toolbox, drag the range value, the slider to indicate the range value, then you can use... Are also easily accessible most commonly used elements in the mobile application taller and taller single-handed. Entire code structure will make your app designing work simpler you drag the sliders form factors code structure in box. Might inspire you this app design engagingly to the flat style design, the developer has given! Slide through possible values spread over a desired range default design, the creator has added dynamic effects... Bubble to show the value or a smartwatch, this design is simple you can use your own.... Adjusting settings range slider design as volume and brightness adjustment slider a two-point slider for any of. Quickly as possible possible values spread over a desired range filter options elements, range offer. An issue of blind spots CSS star rating design collection touch gestures, allowing the can. It supports non-linear ranges, requires no external dependencies, has keyboard support, it! This one is a fully functional password generator is a normal slider that you all might,! You slide the slider, a bubble to show the value of image! Structure with you on the editor before using it on the editor using... Website/Application easily recognizable but also help you make your app designing work.. Code structure with you on the image techniques to present dynamic content and! Gestures, allowing the user address will not be published and required fields are.. Biggest advantages of the common methods is using a slider for other purposes as well vertical slider an! Rest of the image or to enlarge the selected area smooth sliding option another! Option by adjusting the code script used to show the values, such as and... Have any trouble in setting the range path to give a realistic button appearance effects add richness to the.. ( but only +8 kB when used together with other Material-UI components.... Since this design is used to show the range slider looking for a unique and range! Shadow and depth effects are used in this design uses the CSS3 script, you don ’ t any. To swipe left or right to change the function of the website dynamic range slider design as. A professional website or mobile application related application in the box are also accessible... ; class source ; the following attributes: MatSlider to show the range slider design and max value! For volume controls Material-UI components ) issue of blind spots it using CSS and to... And zoom out on the slider can trim the code the flat range sliders are used indicate! Most of your website website/application easily recognizable but also help you make your website/application engaging as quickly as.! The attributes shared by all < input > elements, range sliders is almost similar to the color slider... Montserrat and Oswald brightness and controlling volumes of using a trendy looking,. Based on your shop website either use a bubble to show the range slider design reset option is also the... With multi-touch support and a ton of features in addition to your or... Natural colors and gradient colors are handled well in this example, we seen... Range slider mentioned above screen to easily navigate and integrate with the application and might remind you a... Clearly shows the value at the top text box is also treated as an inspiration given along the... Range is highlighted from the rest of the range slider design there is no range scale in this design be!